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CMOS Integrated Circuits

  • High-density Low Power Neural Interface

    • Electrical recording and stimulation circuit (Closed-loop interface)

    • Ca2+ recording lens-less image sensor

    • Optogenetic stimulation (LED/LD driver)

    • Ultrasound TX/RX

    • Single-molecule and/or ultra-low LOD neurochemical sensor frontend

  • Single-Photon Avalanche Diode Image Sensor Array

    • Time-to-digital converter​

    • Low power SPAD design techiques

    • On-chip histogram generator

    • Plenoptic image sensor

  • Next-generation Computing

    • Neuromorphic architecture

    • Compute-in-memory mixed-signal deep learning processor

  • Cryo-CMOS for quantum computer and sensing​

    • Low temperature adaptive analog frontend circuit for sensors​

    • RF synthesizer and Transceiver

  • Low Power Wireless Communication​

    • Low power transceiver circuits for neural implant​

    • RF power harvesting

System Neuroscience

  • Closed-loop algorithms for neuro-psychiatric disease treatment

    • ​​​Real-time optogenetic modulation

    • tDCS, focused ultrasound, interfering electromagnetic field

    • Automated behavioral classifier

  • Complex behavioral paradigm

    • Naturalistic behavior analysis​

    • In-vivo high-density imaging of deep-brain

  • Integrated Photonic Neural Interface

    • Multi (two) photon + silicon neural probe​

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